Welcome to the United Lifesavers

ARK of Prosperity

Powered by the PLUS (Power of Love in Unity to Succeed)


What is the ARK of Prosperity?


A figurative ship that helps navigate people to the Land of More than Enough by providing additional money to pay off debt, save, invest, give and play!


Plus, where people come together to support one another and help each other SAVE MORE MONEY!

How it Works!

Step 1


Join the ARK for $10

for the first 30-days







Includes 5 Community Benefits:






1. Celebration Listing

Post your graduation, a birthday, a new baby announcement, anniversary or wedding date on our site to get cash/gifts* from our members.


2. GOODS Listing

Post new or pre-owned items in our Give Out Of Delight Store™ or GOODS to give to members and claim items other members post in our GOODS.


3. GENIUS Listing

Post your services or the services of other's at great rates in our Gift Everyone Notices In US™ or GENIUS and claim services that members post.


4. Spot-A-Member Listing

In a bind? Post it and our members will spot you up to $150! Just pay-it-forward by spotting other's when you can. We'll reward 10 spotters monthly!


5. Save Money Shopping

Get up to 20% off our Partner Stores listed in our online directory (with new stores added daily) and get 20% off our company UnitedLifesavers.store.


Step 2


Post Infographics on Social

Media to Inspire Other's to Join


Example of 2 infographics!

Invite people to post their special day for cash/gifts!

1 of 10+ infographics you can post on Social Media!

Step 3


Profit when People You

Refer and they Refer Join


Refer 5 to join and when you and your referrals renew your membership for $25 per month after 30-days, commission you earn will be released!


If you refer 5 but you do not renew you'll get a $50 store credit to purchase the offer you saw!

Our Gift to You for Renewing!





Renew for $25 after 30-days and if you cancel you get a $25 credit to purchase a product from our UnitedLifesavers.store and 3-months free!



* Get 3-months ARK access (minus referral program)





A few inspirational products the $25 credit helps pay for!


How to Earn 5x More in Bonuses!





Buy 50 trial memberships for $300 ($500 value) to give 50 people ARK access for $1 for 30-days!

For commission to be released just refer 5 people who renew for $25 or 5 people who buy 50 trial memberships for $300. There's no guarantee income! Illustration only!

At Least Join for $10 to Earn...





Up to $2,000 as people celebrating a new baby, birthday, graduation, wedding or anniversary join for $1 or $10 to get a minimum $25 cash/gifts!



* Funds are released once your 5 referrals renew at $25! It's $1 when you've been given a trial membership offer!



Ready to Join Our Community?

ARK Membership


Join for $10 for 30-days then $25 a month!


50 Trial Memberships + ARK


Pay $300 to give 50 people the ARK for $1 for 30-days then pay $25 per month after 30-days!


Frequently asked question

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

How is commission tracked?

When is commission released?

Commission to meet your needs!

Spot-A-Member Listing details!

$25 minimum in cash/gifts!

Is the $300 for 50 trials refunded?

Members Pledge to Give Back!

Will I get a notification of renewal?

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, you can cancel your monthly service anytime by logging into your backoffice and modifying your subscription. If you haven't referred 5 people who renewed for $25 or 1 person who purchased 50 trial memberships, commission generated will be forfeited!


A place where Generosity leads to Prosperity!