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It's EASY as 1-2-3 to earn $2,400 in Residual Earnings Sustaining Tomorrow since Everyone Always Says Yes to the ARK of Prosperity!



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When 15 people join for $5 to list their celebration in our Cele-events so members can celebrate them with cash gifts or join to make extra money inviting other's to join, you get $150* (or $10 per referral)!


* Members celebrating receive a $10 minimum cash gift



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Your 15 referrals invite 15 (or 225) to join for $5! Once you and all 240 renew as members for $50 a month after 14-days, you earn $2,400 a month*!



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* After you join as an affiliate, you will have access to all the material needed to promote the ARK and earn commissions using your own unique referral link. You can track all commissions in your ARK account and view all your reports on how your business is doing.


After 30-days as a member and earning $150 your funds are deposited into your Bank or PayPal account on the 15th of each month. You earn monthly commission after your teams first 30-days. To qualify to be celebrated, join and post our infographic! The max you can personally refer to the ARK is 30 people! No guaranteed income!


If you refer 15 people and cancel after 40-days, you get $10 per referral (or $150), minus commission. Ex: Earn $125 in commission, get $25 for referring 15.


Profit from other people's kindness: As the company and members do Acts of Random Kindness in the community, those who Pay-it-Forward by joining will select a member to join with (based on date of birth). If picked, you profit!


Members celebrating receive a $10 minimum cash gift, includes income from bonuses/commission.


To remain on Top Tier comp plan, diversify your income in 30-days after earning $300 by investing in a business opportunity featured! If moved to basic plan you earn half the commission on future sales.



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