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A figurative ship that helps navigate people to the Land of More than Enough by providing them with extra money to pay off debt, save, invest and give!

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For $250 then $25 a month as a ARK member, you get access to our Give Out Of Delight Store™ so you can freely post and claim merchandise!



Additional commissionable services are available!


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* After you join as an affiliate, you will have access to all the material needed to promote the ARK and earn commissions using your own unique referral link. You can track all commissions in your ARK account and view all your reports on your business. Max # of people you can refer is 50! There is no guaranteed income! Income examples are for educational purposes.


Before commission is released and deposited into your bank or PayPal account on the 15th of each month, you must be a $25 a month member or ARK Agency and score 10 personal sales with a $25 membership or ARK Agency. Commission from the $250 initial fee can take up to 60-days to payout. You'll get an email 3-days prior to your card renewing at $25 per month!


If you cancel prior to qualifying for commission you forfeit all funds minus your personal membership fees paid up until that date (ex: If you paid $100 in member fees in 4 months and earn $1,000, if you cancel prior to qualifying for commission you only get $100)!


Inspirational Offer: If you inspire 5 to try the ARK for $10 but you do not renew your membership after 14-days you get $40 to buy the offer. If you inspire 1 person to try the Agency for $250 but you do not renew your membership after 14-days you get $40 to buy the offer. If you renew after 14-days the $40 is released when your 5 referrals renew or from other team sales.


GOODS Member: As long as you remain a $25 a month ARK member after buying a GOODS listing, you'll continue to have access to GOODS! GOODS members earn 5x more on $25 monthly ARK fee. ARK members who sell the GOODS listing earn $5 per personal referral and $20 per team members personal referral.



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