Welcome to the United Lifesavers

ARK of Prosperity

If you want to save more for your future and see more people doing kind deeds for others, then you came to the right place to join our community!


Our Mission:

Bring people together in partnership on our "figurative" ship called the ARK of Prosperity™ to do Acts of Random Kindness, be a support system, save for the future and Get Out Of Debt!


*US residents only at this time

ARK Community Membership


For $1 you can join our community for 30-days and get 8 benefits to save and make money, plus get a free* gift! After 30-days it's $50 a month, however if you inspire 5 to join for $1 and claim a $20 - $40 gift, your membership is free*.



The 30-Days of Inspiration Challenge!

Just post 2 infographics a week on social media and if in 30-days you haven't inspired 5 people to join (to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, wedding or new born with us for cash gifts) or to save more, you can cancel before it renews at $50!



Below are 4 of 8 benefits to save and make extra money! The other 4 are revealed after you join!

  • Directory Listing

    We'll gladly shop and support you!

    List your business or nonprofit in our state-of-the-art online directory for more exposure and to be found and supported by ARK members and their family.

  • Your Dollar Store

    Earn $500* a month from your store!

    Using our infographics you inspire 50 people to join our community for $1 and claim a gift valued at $20 - $40 and you get $50* then $500* a month after their 30-days.



The Next Two Benefits!

  • Discounts for You

    Discounts that help you save!

    Get discounts from businesses on the ARK, plus 25% off when you shop our UnitedLifesavers.store

  • Claim & Post Items

    Save money and help a nonprofit!

    Claim items posted by members in our GOOD Store by giving 50% of its value to the nonprofit listed.


Ready to join and help us demonstrate to the world the power of love in unity?

The Kindest Dollar You'll Spend Today!

$1 initial / $50 month

If you weren't referred (or don't have a sponsor) click here!

* Our goal is to help you save so once you earn $250 on the ARK your funds are deposited into your Bank or PayPal account. If you cancel before reaching $250, you'll have to wait 6 months before receiving your funds and you'll forfeit any commission going forward from your team. Once you earn $250 a month you can only post a Event every six months (this allows new members to benefit greater). You pay taxes on earnings. You earn monthly commission after your teams 30-days. There is no guaranteed income.


When claiming your free gift you have to sign-up for our affiliate program (for free) and post one of our Gift Offers on Social Media and pay tax and shipping. If you choose to use your 25% discount (with free shipping) or pay for item if from a Partner Store, instead of claiming your free gift, we'll give you $1 for each person you inspire to join and an additional 15% commission on your personal sales. For example, if you inspire 50 people to join for $1 you earn $50 and after their first 30-days, instead of making $125 a month you'll earn $500 a month. You cannot change your gift option after signing up as an affiliate.



"It is possible to give away and become richer"

(Proverbs 11:24)