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ARK of Prosperity

Thank you for considering joining our community on-board our figurative ship called the ARK of Prosperity. By joining you get 6 benefits that help you save and make extra money for your future!


Our mission: Help individuals and small business owners save time, energy, and money navigating to their Land of More than Enough!


ARK Community Memberships


Up to 60% of initial fee is paid out to members to Save-Invest-Give-Play AND Get Out Of Debt! Plus, up to 10% is used for Acts of Random Kindness!



Thank You for Supporting Our Community!




  • ARK Community Member

    $15 for the first 30-days and then pay $30 per month


    Get 6 benefits to SAVE and MAKE extra money!



    Celebrating a birthday, a new baby, a wedding or an anniversary? Do you want to buy a house or pay one off? Let our community celebrate with you and help you to achieve your home ownership goals.


    Plus, you can earn extra money just by referring people who will be celebrating 1 of these 4 special occasions or want to buy a home or pay one off!



    Example of Commission:

    Refer 15 people to join to be celebrated, buy a house or pay one off. If they do the same you earn $360 a month!



  • ARK Community Plus Member

    $150 for the first 30-days and then pay $25 per month


    Save $5 a month/$60 a year as a ARK member, earn tier bonuses5x more commission and get a extra money making benefit requiring NO effort.



    Example of Tier Bonuses:

    Refer 15 people to join for $15. When they do the same you get a $1,500 bonus. Refer 15 people to join for $150. When they do the same you'll receive a $15,000 bonus





    6 Benefits On-Board the ARK!


    Two Ways to Save and Make Money!

    • Discounts for You

      Save when shopping ARK businesses!

      Save up to 25% by shopping the businesses in our online directory with new ones added daily.

    • Referral Program

      Profit by helping grow our community!

      You earn extra money by inspiring other's to join and when the people you refer inspire other's to join!

    Two ways to Make Money!

    • Investment Plugs

      Learn ways to diversify your income!

      Create multiple streams of income

      by investing your extra money into business opportunities we feature.

    • Fund Your Vision

      Members help fund your goal/dream!

      Raise money to pay off debt, fund a nonprofit or get sales by posting an Event* members will support.

    Two ways to Save Money!

    • Claim & Post on ARK

      Save on member products or services!

      Freely claim new/pre-owned items and discounted services posted by ARK members to help you save.

    • Service Voucher

      Save time-energy-money on cleaning!

      Earn $150 in 6 months on the ARK or you'll get a $175 Car Detailing or Home/Carpet Cleaning voucher*.

    3 Steps to $15,000 in 30-Days

    then $1,500 every month thereafter!







    Step 1


    Join as a Plus member for extra money to do Acts of Random Kindness and meet your needs!


    Step 2


    Post these two infographics on Social Media to inspire 15 people to join as a Plus member in the first 15-days to receive extra money to celebrate their day, buy a house or to pay off a mortgage!


    * One of many infographics you can post on Social Media.*

    Step 3


    Your 15 referrals complete Step 2 in 15-days! Once each member starts paying $25 after 30-days you'll earn $1,500 per month thereafter!



    The 10% ARK Initiative 



    Our 10% Acts of Random Kindness initiative is where members use 10% of all their income to celebrate the special occasions of members, support member events and do good deeds.





    Ready to join?

    To join get with the person who referred you!






    *6 benefits to save/make money-Monthly Commission

    If within 25-days you aren't 100% satisfied you can cancel your ARK membership BEFORE it renews at $30 per month!


    *Save $5 per month-Tier Bonuses-Triple Commission

    Extra benefit for Plus members is revealed after joining!

    * Once you earn $150 your funds are deposited into your Bank or PayPal account on the 15th of each month. If you cancel before reaching $150, you'll have to wait 6 months for funds. Tier Bonuses take up to 60-days. Earn monthly commission after teams 30-days. No guaranteed income!


    To qualify to have your special occasion celebrated just post an infographic on Social Media.


    Get a $175 home/carpet cleaning or car detailing voucher after posting 2 infographics on Social Media per month for 6-months and spending $150 in monthly membership fees (or after 6-7 months depending if your a $30 or $25 a month member). Every dollar earned is deducted from voucher. So, if you join for $30 a month and in 6-months earn $125, your voucher would be $50! If your area is not covered, you'll receive an alternative voucher/gift card.


    If claiming a gift from a Partner Store you have to pay taxes and shipping, sign-up as an affiliate and post an infographic. Plus members do not qualify for a gift.


    Once you earn $250 a month, you can post a Campaign Event once every six months, not monthly!


    Note: When upgrading to Plus membership after joining, you earn additional commission only on new sales! It can take up to 3 days to approve upgrade.



    "It is possible to give away and become richer"

    (Proverbs 11:24)