Welcome to the United Lifesavers

ARK of Prosperity

Powered by the PLUS (Power of Love in Unity to Succeed)

A figurative ship that helps navigate people to the Land of More than Enough by providing additional money to pay off debt, save, invest, give and play!

How it Works!

Step 1


Join the ARK for $10

for the first 30-days






The ARK Community Benefits Includes:


  • Post your graduation, birthday, a new birth, anniversary or wedding date in our events on our site to get cash/gifts from our members.
  • Post new or pre-owned items in our Give Out Of Delight Store called GOODS to giveaway to members and claim items members post.
  • Get paid when those you refer and they refer join to be celebrated or to accept a $10 offer.




Plus, get 25% off at our company inspirational store called UnitedLifesavers.store!



* Shop our 70+ item store! Background images not included!



Step 2


Post Infographics on Social Media

and/or Send them to Your Loved Ones


Example of 2 infographics!

Invite people to post their special day for cash/gifts!

1 or 10+ infographics you can post on Social Media!

Step 3


Send People Your Referral Link

to Join the ARK of Prosperity


If 3 people join you receive a $50 store credit to purchase the $10 inspirational offer you viewed!




If 10 join you'll qualify to receive commission on the people you refer and on the people they refer!

Renew and Earn Residual! (Optional)





If you renew your membership at $40 a month after your 30-day trial for $10 you'll earn monthly commission on people you refer and people they refer who renew their ARK membership as well!


Ex: If you renew you do not receive the $50 store credit!

How to Earn 2x More Commission!





In addition to a GOODS™ listing (included with your membership), you can buy a Gift Everyone Notices In US™ (GENIUS) listing on the ARK for $200 then $40 per month as a ARK member!



With a GENIUS listing you can post services at GREAT rates and claim services members post!

Our Compensation Plan

Income examples illustrate 2x more commission with a GENIUS listing! Members pledge to use 15% of income to celebrate the special events of members once a month!

With Birthdays, New Births,

Weddings & Anniversaries Daily...


At Least Try the ARK for $10

to Get Paid when People Join to

be Celebrated with Cash/Gifts





If you join for $10 and refer 10 people to join the ARK to be celebrated with cash/gifts and they did the same, you'll get $205 then $520 per month*!


* Earn $520 if you and those referred renew at $40/mo.



Note: If you buy a GENIUS listing later, you'll continue to earn $520/mo. on prior sales and 2x more on new sales!

Ready to Join Our Community?

ARK Membership


Click on button to join for $10 for 30-days!

After 30-days it's $1.33 a day ($40/month)!


ARK Membership + GENIUS

Click on button to buy GENIUS for $200!

After 30-days it's $1.33 a day ($40/month)!


Frequently asked question

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

How is commission tracked?

When is commission released?

How Our Inspirational Offer works?

Do I have to refer people to join?

How much can I earn for $10?

2x commission with GENIUS!

Is the $200 GENIUS fee refunded?

Members Pledge to Give Back!

Will I get a notification of renewal?

Can I cancel my membership?


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